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18.07.09 Fitted my Blitz 300 km/h speedometer. I got it on Japanese Yahoo auctions. That meant it was for a RHD Supra. So it took quite a bit of fiddling to get it to fit into a LDH cluster.



12.07.09 Fitted my 4 inch exhaust from BIC in Canada. I wanted it to look stock since I'm no fan of the JDM "fart cans". I also wanted it to be as silent as possible so I had it fitted with a Vibrant muffler and a Magnaflow resonator. It still has a rather loud drone around 2000 rpm. I will fit a custom made branch resonator to elimite this. So far it is very silent for such a big exhaust. Very pleased with it. You can hear it here before the branch resonator was added.







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